Bhaiyya Ji Movie Review: A Tale of Revenge and Repetition

Exactly a year ago, director Apoorv Singh Karki and actor Manoj Bajpayee teamed up for “Sirf Ke Bandaa Kaafi Hai,” where Bajpayee played a lawyer helping a victim of the self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s sexual assault. This time, Karki and Bajpayee have gone literal – there’s just one man in “Bhaiyya Ji,” and whether that’s enough or not, it’s all there is.

A Unique Approach to Filmmaking

Bhaiyya Ji movie review Director and co-writer Apoorv Singh Karki has created a film that you can jump into at any point without worrying if it’s the beginning, middle, or end. The story starts well enough with Bhaiyya Ji (Manoj Bajpayee) during his wedding festivities in Bihar, anxiously awaiting his younger brother Vedant (Makhija), who’s coming from Delhi. Things take a turn when Vedant goes missing, and that’s where the film’s narrative starts to falter.

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The Drive for Revenge

The plot centres around Bhaiyya Ji’s quest for revenge after Vedant is killed by Abhimanyu (Goswami), the ruthless son of ganglord Chandrabhan Singh (Suvinder Vicky). The question is, how many times can Bhaiyya Ji seek vengeance?

Bhaiyya Ji’s Confusing Journey

Bhaiyya Ji gave up violence for a peaceful life with his wife Mithali (Hussain) or for some other quickly mumbled reason, leaving viewers uncertain if he had truly embraced pacifism. Prodded by Vedant’s mother and stepmother (Kadam), Bhaiyya Ji has no choice but to march to Chandrabhan’s mansion in Delhi to demand “justice.”

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The Legendary Medallion

Before he sets off, a medallion featuring a lion’s face and sun’s rays is dramatically revealed, striking fear into everyone who sees it. This medallion symbolizes Bhaiyya Ji’s power and justice, contrasting his humble origins with Chandrabhan’s lavish lifestyle.

The Bihari Network

Bhaiyya Ji’s supporters rally around him, inspired by the medallion, and he arrives in Delhi with his entire village in tow. Karki hints at a Bihari network that operates in cities like Delhi, a potential strength for Bhaiyya Ji.

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Endless Conflicts

The film is filled with clash after clash, sometimes set against random backdrops like a Lord Shiva procession, and endless talk of Vedant’s “bhakti aatma” (wandering soul) because a ritualistic crow hasn’t eaten the offering after his death. Bhaiyya Ji himself seems to have risen from the dead multiple times.

Mithai’s Role

Mithali, portrayed by Hussain, adds depth to the film with her sniper skills and supportive role. Her parents back in Bihar question her involvement with a violent man like Bhaiyya Ji, despite her education. As she showcases her abilities, it’s clear they understand as little as the audience does.

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Final Thoughts

Bhaiyya Ji” tries to blend action, revenge, and cultural themes but ends up repeating itself to exhaustion. Manoj Bajpayee delivers a strong performance, but the film’s lack of direction and over-reliance on redundant action scenes make it a challenging watch. If you enjoy non-linear storytelling and chaotic action, “Bhaiyya Ji” might interest you. Otherwise, it might leave you feeling as stuck as its plot.

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