Little Hearts Malayalam Movie Review

Little Hearts Malayalam Movie

Introduction Little Hearts Malayalam Movie

Little Hearts Malayalam Movie:- Little Hearts, the latest Malayalam romantic comedy to hit the theatres, promises a heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter and a touch of complexity. But is it true? Let’s get into the heart of the movie and see if it is true.

A Tale of Three Loves

The film revolves around Baby (played by the ever-charming Baburaj) and his son Sibi (Shane Nigam). Their lives are intertwined with three love stories, each of which faces its own unique challenges. After years of separation, Baby reconnects with his childhood sweetheart Cecily (Ramya Suvi). Meanwhile, Sibi struggles with his feelings for his best friend Sosha (Mahima Nambiar), navigating the complexities of friendship and potential romance.

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A mix of sweet and conflict

Little Hearts begins with a happy atmosphere. The friendship between Baby and Sibi is endearing and the budding romance between Baby and Cicely adds a sense of nostalgia to the screen. However, in the second half, the film stagnates a bit. The focus is on creating conflict and character development takes a back seat. This may make the audience less interested in the outcome of some love stories.

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Great performance

Despite the uneven storyline, the acting in Little Hearts is commendable. Baburaj is excellent as the ever-optimistic baby, his comic timing impeccable. Ramya Suvi brings warmth and depth to Sisili, which highlights their on-screen chemistry. The supporting cast also does well, although some characters could have benefited from more fleshed-out personalities.

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A good watch with hesitation

Little Hearts is a must-see, especially for those looking for a light-hearted and familiar romantic comedy experience. The beautiful background of Kattappana adds to the charm and the music is pleasant. However, those looking for a deeper emotional connection or a more innovative story may want more.

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Overall, Little Hearts is a mixed story. It has touching moments, strong acting by the lead pair and beautiful visuals. However, the story slows down in the second half and some of the characters lack depth. If you are in the mood for a romantic comedy with a Malayalam flavour, Little Hearts will appeal to you.

Final Result: 3 out of 5 stars


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