Thalavan Malayalam Movie Review: A Promising Investigative Thriller with Notable Flaws

Introduction of Thalavan Malayalam Movie

Thalavan Malayalam Movie:-Thalavan,” directed by Jis Joy, promises an engaging ride through the investigative thriller genre. With Biju Menon and Asif Ali leading the cast, the film explores the power dynamics and internal hierarchy within a police force. While it delivers compelling moments and strong performances, it also grapples with a few significant shortcomings.

Plot Summary (Spoiler-Free)

Set in a local police station, the story follows an investigation that unveils the intricate relationships and conflicts among the officers. Biju Menon and Asif Ali play two officers with distinct personalities and approaches to their work. As the investigation unfolds, their clashing egos and differing perspectives become entangled with the case.

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  • Strong Performances: Biju Menon and Asif Ali give captivating performances, bringing depth to their characters and their strained dynamic.
  • Engaging Premise: The film’s examination of police hierarchy and internal politics adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.
  • Technical Aspects: Sharan Velayudhan’s cinematography effectively sets the mood and tone of the film.

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  • Uneven Pacing: The pacing is inconsistent, with some sections dragging while others feel rushed.
  • Predictable Plot Points: Certain developments are fairly predictable, reducing the element of surprise.
  • Weak Script: The dialogue and script lack the depth and complexity needed to fully elevate the film.

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Overall Verdict

Thalavan” is a watchable investigative thriller with moments of intrigue and strong performances from its leads. However, it doesn’t reach its full potential due to uneven pacing, predictable plot points, and a somewhat weak script.

Should You Watch It?

If you enjoy police procedurals and investigative thrillers, “Thalavan” is worth a watch for the performances of Biju Menon and Asif Ali. However, if you’re looking for a groundbreaking or innovative thriller, you might find “Thalavan” a bit underwhelming.

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